Tweezerman Point Tweezer Signature Red

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  • Grabs every hair, every time.
  • Perfectly aligned hand-filed tips for expert brow shaping.
  • Close evenly and firmly to precisely grip Read More
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Remarkably exact precision. Finely tapered points are hand-filed and perfectly aligned, making them ideal for stubble, ingrowns, and baby-fine brow and facial hair. Meticulously pointed tips grab the finest and smallest hairs.


Tool Tips:


To ease tweezing, take a hot shower or use a warm washcloth to open pores. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth, pulling one hair at a time from the root to avoid breakage. Once basic shape is defined, go back over brows with a magnifying mirror using the precision pointed tips to: 1. Gently coax out any hidden ingrowns. 2. Grab especially tricky, hard-to-reach stubble and baby-fine strays that might have been missed the first time around. 3. Do a final refined cleanup between and around shaped brows. A second look can mean the difference between so-so brows and brows that wow! Be attentive to your natural shape and careful not to over tweeze. For ingrowns, cleanse skin and disinfect tip of tweezer with alcohol or peroxide.


Tool Care:


For the Stainless Steel Point Tweezer, clean entire tweezer after each use with isopropyl alcohol and peroxide. For the Signature Red and Midnight Sky Point Tweezers, clean tweezer tips only after each use as the color finish enamel can wear off if fully sanitized.

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